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NEW • Development Release: Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2

Julien Lavergne has announced the availability of the second beta release of Lubuntu 10.04, an Ubuntu-based distribution integrating the LXDE desktop: Lubuntu ‘Lucid’ beta 2 is now available. We passed feature freeze – that means that most of the features should now be available. It’s now time for testing and fixing bugs. New stuff since beta 1: auto-login at install time; support for encrypted home directory; up-to-date LXDM, libfm and PCManFM2. Lubuntu still contains modifications not available in the official repository: new PCManFM2 and libfm; lubuntu-default-settings with PCmanFM2 support; fix for blurry shutdown icon from elementary icons; auto-login support in Ubiquity; new LXDM. I’ll appreciate some feedback about the followings recent additions: PCManFM2 – the new file manager is still in beta state; the new LXDM may have fixed some issue regarding keyring and PAM support, but it needs more tests.” Here is the full release announcement. Download: lubuntu-lucid-beta2.iso (398MB, MD5, torrent).

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