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Distribution Release: Zorin OS 2.0

Happy New Year! The first release announcement of 2010 belongs to the Zorin OS team which has just announced the release of Zorin OS 2.0, an Ubuntu-based distribution designed primarily for Linux newcomers: “We are proud to announce that Zorin OS 2.0 has been released. Zorin OS 2.0 is available in five different flavours: Zorin OS ‘Core’ which is the regular desktop edition; Zorin OS ‘Gaming’ which includes over 40 of the best open-source games; Zorin OS ‘Multimedia’ which includes over 40 extra multimedia applications; Zorin OS ‘Educational’ which includes many educational programs; and Zorin OS ‘Ultimate’ which has some of the best open-source programs around. Zorin OS Core is available to download and the other releases are available for purchase from the Store page.” Here is the full release announcement. Download: zorin-os-2-live-32.iso (1,379MB), zorin-os-2-live-64.iso (1,201MB).


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